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28/10/16 = Roy Hindson Equal 1st Club - 3rd Fed GVPF from Barringun 830 klms - 23 flyers - 276 birds. Dam from (Cherokee & Keedelight).

17/9/16 = Derek Louth 1st Club - 4th Fed SCF from Sth Grafton...577 klms - 47 flyers - 548 birds. Sire from (Back In Black & Nakita) (Kruger).

4/9/16 = A&N Sultana 1st Club - 7th Fed CCF Phillip Island (Fred Wall Special) 730 klms - 205 flyers - 2943 birds. Sire from (Footloose & Fancy Free) .... Dam from (Spartacus & Fancy Me)....this same pigeon won 1st Club & 18th Fed earlier for Anthony from Bairnsdale.

29/8/16 = 1st prize Qld 10000 One Loft Race for Unwanted Syndicate 330 mile....the winner's Sire from (Chilago & Figolene) (Bosua) ....the winners Dam from (Backhoe & Candice) (Bosua).

29/8/16 = 3rd prize Qld 10000 One Loft Race for Kieran Malone 330 mile....Sire from (Atwood & Mystic).

26/8/16 = Norm Milner 1st prize Moree Open race RIPA - RRPC.... 675klms by 1hr 14mins....Sire from (Skywood & Magic Jade) (Kruger)....Dam from (Who Made Who x 7863) (Kruger x Gaby).

20/8/16 = Norm Milner 1st & 2nd Gold Band Ring race RRPC, dropping a nest mate pair of hens together from Goondiwindi 571 klms....Sire from (Rastus & Missy) (Bosua) ..... Dam from (Atwood & Augustine) (Vandersanden).

20/8/16 = A&N Sultana 1st Club - 18th Fed CCF from Bairnsdale 537 klms - 246 flyers - 4812 birds. Sire from (Footloose/Fancy Free) x Dam from (Spartacus/Fancy Me).

14/8/16 = Peter Jelfs 1st CCRPC Dash For Cash Race from Mackay 519 klms....Dam from (Skywood & Magic Jade) (Kruger). Race bird bred by Joe Jackson.

13/8/16 = Denaro & McDonald 2nd Club - 2nd Fed VRPU from Mildura 465 klms ... 59 flyers ... 1350 birds....Dam from Commanche/Tahny...race bird bred by Steve Cini.

6/8/16 = Warren Hinde 1st Club - 3rd Fed SCF from Crescent Heads (Charity Race)....2 on the drop... 422 klms - 65 flyers - 1025 birds....1st bird Sire from Chilago/Date Me....2nd bird bred from a Son of Thumper/Candice x Dtr of Cherokee/Keedelight.

23/7/16 = Aidan Cavill 1st Club - 3rd Fed SCF from Manning Point ...336 klms - 77 flyers - 1838 birds. Sire from (Footloose & Fancy Me)...race bird bred by Joe Jackson.

25/6/16 = Rafael Lay 1st Club - 6th Fed GMPF from Wycheproof 1 (there to win fed...bad trap) - 281klms....89 flyers....2391 birds. Sire from Atwood/Mystic.....Dam from Cherokee/Roberta Jean.

6/2/16 = Norm Milner (Bundy Rock Syndicate) Best Australian bird in the Final SAMDPR Sth Africa 2015/2016....107th place - 541 klms....Sire from (Skywood/Magic Jade)... (Kruger).

5/9/15 = Warren Hinde 1st Club - 8th Fed SCF from Sale (Towradgi Stakes) 521klms....55 flyers...407 birds....Dam from (Cherokee/Keedelight) (Bosua).

22/8/15 = Brian Dilworth 1st Club - 4th Fed CCF from Lakes Entrance 520klms...194 flyers...3119 birds....Dam from (Keelago/Miss Tash) (Bosua).

8/8/15 = Rafael Lay 1st Club - 5th Fed VHA from Ouyen (Derby) 420klms ...76 flyers...1057 birds.....Dam from (Commanche/Cleopatra).

1/8/15 = Ted Lewis 1st club Mackay from Taroom 505klms...Sire from Pearl Jam/Naomi's Magic (Kruger)... Dam bred down from (Keelago/Miss Tash) x (Backhoe/Keedelight) (Bosua).

12/7/15 = Rod Lowe 1st open club Towsville from Sarina 2 on the drop 357klms - Sire from Maddy/Figolene (Gabby x Bosua).....2nd bird from a son of Atwood/Mystic (Nat11/Reynaert).

12/7/15 = 2 bird race = released seperately = 2 on drop 357klms ....(1st bird) Sire from Thunderstuck/Cleopatra (Kruger/Heere's)....(2nd bird) Dam bred from Thumper/Candice (Bosua).

11/7/15 = Kieran Malone 2nd club - 2nd section - 5th best off the truck Maryborough 191klms....Sire from Atwood/Mystic (Nat11/Reynaert) (race ring 3322).

4/7/15 = Syd Gard 2nd club - 2nd section - 2nd fed CCF Moruya 240klms (6771 birds) Sire from Atwood/Mystic (Nat11 x Reynaert) .. Dam from Thumper/Candice (Bosua)...race bird bred by Miled Bou Said.

4/7/15 = Kieran Malone 1st club 2nd section 4th best off the truck Maryborough 191klms ...Sire from Atwood/Mystic (Nat11/Reynaert) (race ring 1603).

4/7/15 = Chris Butters 2nd NRC club - 4th best off the truck Agnes Waters 345klms....Sire off Keelago/Miss Tash (Bosua).

27/6/15 = Chris Butters 1st NRC club - 3rd best off the truck Agnes Waters 345klms flying 82klms further than shortest marker... Sire from Cherokee/Roberta Jean (Bosua)..Dam from Footloose/Fancy Free (Casaert)..two on the drop..2nd off son of Rastus/Missy (Bosua) x Gabby.

27/6/15 = Alf Del Brocco 1st LCPC club by 11 minutes - 7th best off the truck NRC 406klms flying 143klms further than the shortest marker...Sire a Grandson of Cherokee/Roberta Jean (Bosua).

27/6/15 = Team Buckeye 3rd club - 3rd Fed Rupanyup 291klms GMPF....Dam from Thumper/Candice (Bosua).

6/6/15 = Kieran Malone 1st club - 1st section - 1st best off the truck Gympie 130klms ... Sire from Atwood/Mystic (Nat11/Reynaert) (race ring 1603)

9/5/15 = Kieran Malone 1st club - 1st section - 1st best off the truck Gympie 130klms... Sire from Atwood/Mystic (Nat11/Reynaert) full sister to above (race ring 3322)

21/9/14 ~ Top result for Murrumba Syndicate winning 1st prize in the NRC Club from Marlborough 568 klms by 24 minutes & 3rd prize (off the truck) in the NRC Combine. Interestingly the 2nd placed pigeon in the NRC Club 24 minutes later won the Breeders Plate race. The NRC Club winner for Murrumba Syndicate is bred off a son of "Backhoe"&"Keedelight" (Bosua) x "Van Loon". This same Bosua cock when paired to a different hen bred 4th prize Qld 10,000 last year. Super result guys & all the best for the remaining races !!

7/9/14 - Fantastic result for Troy Lloyd & Rebecca Burke winning 1st prize Canberra Combine from Gulargambone(ll) @ 450klms. Troy informs me his Combine winner is bred off a son of "Spartacus" & "Fancy Me" x to a Vanloon hen. Troy said his winner had half an hour on his next pigeon. Congrats on a super win Troy & Bec...and all the best in the longer events.

31/8/14 - saw Troy Lloyd & Rebecca Burke win 1st prize Canberra Combine from Gulargambone(l) @ 450klms.Troy informs me that he had 3 on the drop, with 2nd through the clock beaten by a split second being bred off a son of "Backhoe" & "Keedelight"...Troy won this event by 15 mpm.

31/8/14 - Top result for Peter Duscha Syndicate & Golden Batters Syndicate taking out 3rd & 8th prize in the final of the Qld 10,000 OLR. Both 3rd & 8th were bred by Matt Martin for both syndicate's...with the Sire of 3rd being a son of "Backhoe" & "Keedelight", and Dam of 8th prize being a daughter of "Cherokee" & "Roberta Jean". Both pigeons were on loan to Matt by Kieran Malone from his bosua stock via Capricornia Lofts. Congrats on a great result guys.

19th of July saw Bill & Liam Burke win 1st Club - 6th Fed (best YB in Fed) PRF from Galena 1465 birds - 485 klms (106 flyers). The breeding of Bill & Liam's prize winner is Thone/Vandersanden x Bosua..with both the sire & dam bred by Capricornia Lofts for Bill & Liam. Congrats on a super result guys.

13th of July saw Paul Gibbs win 1st Club - 1st Section - 5th Fed (best in Fed) CCF from Narrandera 6440 birds - 396 klms (281 flyers) with a Van loon x Bosua...with the Bosua Dam being bred by Paul off two of his original Bosua's from Capricornia Lofts x to Pauls own super Van Loon lines. This same bird won 1st Club from Kelso last year for Paul as a YB. Congrats on a super result Paul.

13th of July saw Miled Bu-Said win 1st Club - 5th Section - 67th Fed CCF from Narrandera 6440 birds - 418 klms (281 flyers) with a straight Bosua, bred off two of Miled's original Bosua's from Capricornia Lofts. This same bird won 1st Club - 1st Section - 20th Fed last year as a YB from Hillston 508 klms for Miled.

30th of June saw Peter Clarke win 1st Club - 17th Fed SCF from Bermagui 2319 birds - 210 klms (82 flyers) with a Capricornia Lofts Vandersanden x Peter's own blood.

9th of June saw Jeff Sheppard win 1st Club - 3rd Fed SCF from Moruya 2280 birds - 186 klms (82 flyers) with the sire being bred by Norm Milner off two Capricornia Loft bred stock birds (Bosua/Casaert x Vandersanden).

28/9/13 saw Kieran Malone win 1st Club - 1st Toowoomba Federation from Thargomindah. Birdage of 595 & distance was 798klms = (496 miles) to Kieran's loft,trapped on the day..with a 27 min lead over the next competitor. Kieran's winning pigeon is bred off a magnificent son of "Atwood" & "Mystic". Children from "Atwood" & "Mystic" have bred some very handy birds for other fanciers also this year. Congratulations Kieran on a great win, and all the best with your move to Brisbane mate !!

A great result on the 15/9/13 for Troy Lloyd & Rebecca Bourke winning 1st Club - 1st Canberra Combine from Nyngan 450klms, with 22 flyers sending 503 birds. Troy informed me that he had six on the drop, with his second through the trap, and beaten only by a decimal, was off a son of "Spartacus" & "Fancy Me" x v/loon. Also a great result for John Agostini winning 1st Club - 2nd Combine in this same race. John has informed me his clock bird is bred from a son of "Atwood" & "Mystic" x to a Gabby. Well done & Congrats to Troy - Rebecca & John, and all the best for this weekends racing !!

The 14/9/13 saw Miled Bu-Said win 1st Club - 1st Section - 20th Fed CCF from Hillston 508klms to Miled's loft, with 234 flyers sending 3962 birds. Miled informs me his clock bird was a straight Bosua, bred from a son of "Thumper & Candice" x to a daughter of "Backhoe" & "Keedelight". Great result Miled,and all the best for this weekend !!

Received some good news from several fanciers regarding the Qld 10,000 One Loft Race which was run today 25/8/13. Kieran Malone informs me that his 3rd prize winner which arrived with the 1st & 2nd prize winners, is bred off an imported Daughter of Premier Olympiade...this particular hen i gifted from my loft to Kieran as a replacement,as a son of Premier Olympiade which Kieran was importing on a later shipment died in Quarantine. A super result Kieran, and from super stock from Premier Stud UK.

Phil Trevethan (Murrumba Syndicate 4th prize ) informs me there prize winner is bred off a Bosua cock, being a son of "Backhoe" & "Keedelight" x to a "D. Van Aalst Gabby hen". Norm Milner (Bundyrock Syndicate 8th prize) informs me there prize winner is bred from a Son of "Spartacus" & "Fancy Me" x to a "Vanloon hen" . Both these sires of 4th & 8th prize Qld 10,000, are full brothers to the sire and dam of 3rd Fed QPF last weekend for Harry Stylianou. Well done to all prize winners in the Qld 10,000 !!

Special mention for Miled Bu-Said who won 1st club, 6th Section & 27th Fed CCF on the 18/8/2013, with 251 Flyers sending 4642 birds.Miled informs me that he has clocked a Kees Bosua strain on 4 occasions, and is currently running 2nd overall on the Y/B pointscore. As a relatively new flyer, Miled has been very consistent...thanks for sharing Miled,and best of luck in your future races mate !

Yesterday the 17/8/13 saw a great result for Harry Stylianou in the QPF's Y/B Derby from Roma, a distance of 432 klms to Harry's Loft, with 1439 birds competing. Harry gained 1st Club - 1st Section - 3rd Fed, and had two birds on the drop. Harry's clock bird is 3/4 Bosua - 1/4 Casaert/Limbourg, with the Sire being a son of "Spartacus" & "Fancy Me" and the Dam being a daughter of "Backhoe" & "Keedelight". Harry's 2nd bird on the drop, is bred off "252" a son of "Rastus" & "Missy",with the Dam being a Scott Frame Gabby. "252" was the sire of (8th Sth Africa 2011/2012) when paired at that time to a David Van Aalst Gabby. Both Harry's first two home were bred by Ted Lewis of Mackay. Well done guys, on a great result !!

The 14th of July saw Steve Beverly take out 1st prize in the lead up race in the Gympie 10,000 from Agnes Waters,142 miles to Jimmy Smith's loft. The Sire of the 1st lead up race winner is bred off two Capricornia Loft Bosua's that were bred for stock for Norm Milner. Great result Steve,and good luck in the next two events mate.

The 22nd of June 2013 saw Kieran Malone win 1st prize in the strong TRP (Toowoomba) club,from Westmar 211 klms to Kieran's loft by 12mpm. Kieran informs me that he dropped 4 birds together,with the first 4 through the clock being bred off Capricornia lofts stock,which consisted of the Kees Bosua, Vandersanden/Reynaert & Casaert/Limbourg strains. Kieran said the race consisted of 700 + birds sent by the TRP,and with a total of 1400 upwards released overall,to which Kieran had the fastest velocity of the entire convoy. Thanks for sharing your results Kieran,and all the best mate in the TRP's upcoming races !

The 8th of June 2013 saw Paul Gibbs win 1st Club Campbelltown CCF,from Kelso 130klms to Pauls loft. 6399 race birds were released for Paul to also gain 5th S/W section, and a overall position of 57th fed from 334 flyers. The Dam of Pauls club winner was bred off two of Pauls original purchases of Kees Bosua stock from Capricornia Lofts. A great start to your first year back flying Paul,and i'm sure we'll see more from you in the near future,well done mate !!

The German Krugers are pure class !!

Priced from $440.00 - $660.00.
Direct off the Imports !!


Last Friday saw a super result for Norm Milner winning the Rockhampton RIPA clubs final race from Middleton 572.811mls to Norms Loft. The Middleton winner SCMDPR 11 787, is bred from a Daughter of "Keelago" & "Miss Tash". Also well done to Noel (Sam) Ballinger & Greg Rumble who also timed birds in this event. Only a handful of birds have ever flown this point into Rockhampton,so well done to them all.


Some new pairings added,and more to be added asap. Sire & Dam's pedigree's are directly below each sample youngsters pedigree on each pairing.


"First time in Australia"

Capricornia Lofts imported a direct Son and Daughter
of "Aramis x Blue Velvet" of the Jan Heere's strain into Australia on the past May shipment. These are Terrific handling pigeons that excel in large birdage sprint to middle distance racing.


Full Brother to "Commanche" produces the goods for
Stefan Steenbergen,Belgium."Klein Raketje" was Sired
by "Raketje Junior" DV07364-09-699,being full Brother
to "Commanche" DV07364-09-700. Stefan informs me
that a full sister to Klein Raketje 2011 rung,has already
scored 29th from 20,000 pigeons,fantastic results Stefan.

BE10-5154120 ?Klein Raketje?
Bred/raced by St. Steenbergen, Belgium
1. acebird Cat. G Pre Olympiad FCI Continental Cup Budapest 2012
3. European acebird Bird Cat. C 2012
8. Nat. acebird great middle distance KBDB 2011
5x 1. prize
1. prov. Chateauroux – 1,963 birds (30. Nat. – 25,263 birds)
4. prov. Gueret - 775 birds (127. Nat. 13,885 birds)
5. CFW Nevers – 2,205 birds
8. prov. Argenton – 1,259 birds
32. Nat. La Souterraine – 3,562 birds.

A half Brother and half Sister to "Commanche" have also
bred some fantastic results below for Dieter Siebert,Germany.

DV06723-08-126 ?Nabalo?
Bred/raced by D. Siebert, Germany
13 prize cards from 13 races 2010
15. Nat. ace cock Germany 2010 with 938, 90 Ace-Points
2. prov. ace cock 2010
2. best cock Hessen 2010
10 x top 10 winner.

DV06723-08-77 ?Sunset?
Bred/raced by D. Siebert, Germany
13 prize cards from 13 races 2010
23. Nat. ace cock Germany 2010 with 921, 22 Ace-Points
1. prov. yearling cock 2009
3. prov. ace cock 2010
4. prov. old cock 2010
5. prov. ace cock 2009
1. prov. against 3,709 birds
10 x top 10 winner.

**Capricornia Lofts bred Bosua sires 8th prize SCMDPR for

H & T Syndicate,winning 15,000 US dollars. This is the best

performance thus far by an Australian bred pigeon in the

event. "MrH" SCMDPR 52 2011 was sired by RIPA 09

252, a son of "Rastus" & "Missy". "252" is doubly bred to

Kleine Figo & also Porky - Miss Marbella**

Photo of MrH & his wing.

Of the 3 originally sent to SCMDPR off Capricornia Lofts Bosua stock,

3/3 were home in the final race. *aussie rocky* in another syndicate.

*Pedigree of sire below*


Capricornia Lofts imported the Kees Bosua strain into Australia 2009 & 2010, and were the first to do so. We imported more in 2011, and
also imported Dr Vandersanden's strain, and also the Reynaert strain of Antoon & Hilde Reynaert just on a year ago !!


Today i had the good fortune of a loft visit by Phil Trevathen,a very well respected & knowledgable Brisbane fancier. Phil is holidaying up this way and staying at the home of Kevin Temperley, Kev is an RIPA member. Phil was just itching to handle some of the imported stock, and especially the Bosua's. Well, Phil wasn't disappointed,and he selected 2 youngsters to take back to Brizzy with him,and ordered another two which are still in the nest. It was great to catch up with Phil, as he hadn't visited up this way now for several years. Thanks again for the visit Phil, it was a pleasure to have you around, and all the best for the future with the stock you chose.

"Phil Trevethan with *Keep Me* fabulous Dtr of Kleine Figo & Kev Temperley with an inbred G/dtr of De Figo"

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